Nuestra vida

We are a different,professional and innovative real estate.

We were born in 2014 thanks to the trust of the customers of the business group PISCILIMP.

Spanish company located in the green lung of Valencia-La Cañada,committed since 1988 to the society and environment.

We promote a healthy and outdoor life,that´s why most of our properties are located in residential areas.

We use a very solid online marketing strategy to reach all customers without borders.

Meet us!

Nuestra familia

We are a family that has been growing from generation to generation. Currently we are 35 people in PISCILIMP Group,we all work as a team to offer the best service to all our customers. The real estate is organized in 4 departments: Administration,Communication,International and advisors composed of 8 people. Let us introduce ourselves.

Nuestras oficinas
Nuestras oficinas
LA HOME en China
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